“Small Great Things”

Small Great Things

By Jodi Picoult



          Ruth works in a hospital delivering babies for the past 20 years. But everything changes one shift for a black woman named Ruth. A white couple shows up who are white supremacists and delivers what they thought was a healthy baby boy. Ruth begins her shift running several tests on their son only to be told by her supervisor that she is not allowed to go back in the room. Why? Because she is black and the couple does not like anyone of a different race. From this point on, Ruth isn’t allowed to even touch their son. The baby suffers from cardiac arrest and Ruth is the only one in the room. Should she try all steps to do what it takes to keep the baby alive or should she not touch the child as was requested? Ruth is charged with murder and Kennedy, a white public defender takes her case and tells Ruth that mentioning race in the courtroom is not a winning strategy.

          After reading this book, it changed how I felt about so many issues that is going on today. I hate the words used “African American”. I don’t like this used to separate our races. I am not a White American, I am just American. I am not sure how they should be separated but I think sticking the word African pretty much suggests your not from here. After reading this book, I realized everyone is racist somewhere. To the person who is constantly trying to prove they are NOT in fact prejudice, to the one who doesn’t treat someone right based on their skin tone and to the ones who believe someone is racist because they are white. We are really all prejudice in one way or another. We always look at someone’s race and wonder are they going to treat me differently because of the color of my skin. I am white, this is how God made me. I am not perfect, but this is how God made me. Same for all the other races out there. I also believe that God made us all different for a reason. I don’t care what race you are, if I see you struggling or crying, I will be the first to give you that hug or helping hand.


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