“The Passenger” Review

     “The Passenger” written by Lisa Lutz was given barely 4 stars out of 5. I wasn’t for sure I wanted to read this book. It just didn’t seem all that interesting to me when I read the insert. The picture on the cover shows a road that is just headed into what feels like, is the black hole. So after reading the insert and looking at the cover I began to the first page! Seemed interesting enough, headed to checkout and boom….I began my journey. Who is this woman? Why is she constantly on the run?


     With her husband’s corpse still warm at the bottom of the stairs. “Tanya Dubois” has one option: to go on the run. Again. When the police figure out that she doesn’t officially exist, they’ll start asking questions she can’t answer. Desperate to keep the past buried, our heroine hopscotches across the country, adopting and shedding identities as she fights to escape anyone who wants to silence her for good. Along the way, she collides with Domenic, a cop with murky motives; and the troubled Blue a woman who sees through her disguise and who may be a friend or foe. But ultimately she is alone, fighting for every hour of freedom. When the past can no longer be ignored, she races home to confront the darkest secret imaginable.

     This book turned out to be awesome. I loved it. It is one of them books that you must read to the end and then your glad that you did. You will be surprised at the end when you find out all the answers and one gripping truth that finally comes forward. Outstanding Lisa Lutz!!!



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