The Wonder

    The Wonder

Written by Emma Donoghue


Let me just start off by saying, this was my 2nd time reading this book. The first time, I got to page 50 and tossed it. I simply couldn’t read it and understand what exactly was going on. I kept thinking all the books out there I could be reading and enjoying. But I pulled this one off the shelf at the library again and thought I would give it a try. An insert inside the book reveals:

     Lib Wright, a young English nurse trained by the legendary Florence Nightingale, arrives in an impoverished Irish Village with a strange mission. Eleven year old Anna O’Donnell is said to have eaten nothing for four months. With tourists thronging to see the child, and the press sowing doubt, the baffled community looks to an outsider to bring the truth to light. Lib’s job is simple: to stay in the girl’s bare room at all hours, watching her. Is Anna a fraud or a “Living wonder”?

I gave this book 1/5 stars. I simply couldn’t get it done fast enough. The story line is there, but it held no interest to me what so ever.




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