A Great Way to Organize

More Hours in my Day:

Proven Ways to Organize Your Home, Your Family, and Yourself

Written by: Emilie Barnes



     I gave this book 5/5 stars, I mean come on, everyone needs a book that can help them become organized if they feel like they are a chicken without a head. Sometimes your parent with a kid on the hip, trying to get supper planned, chores accomplished, kids off to school with lunches and still trying to find “ME” time. Life can become hectic and crazy and can tend to run yourself down trying to find time to be that perfect person. First thing first…..Breathe, grab this book and write down some things that might work for your. I like the break down method. My frig sometimes looks so scary it seems like the tomato’s are going to carry off with my gallon of milk. Whew…what’s that smell, looks like it is time to clean. Break it down, one day do top shelf, second day do the 2nd shelf, third day, clean the bottom shelf. Fourth day, clean the freezer and on the fifth day, clean the crispers…those need cleaned a lot. I also recommend a facebook group called, “A Bowl Full of Lemons”. That place shares great ideas.

     Happy Cleaning


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