A Baxter Family Christmas

      It was really nice to grab your fuzzy pajama’s and socks, sit by the fire and open up this book from Karen Kingsbury. Snow falling from the window, Christmas getting closer and settling down with the Baxter family during their family get together. I am one of those people who started with the “Redemption” series and then “Firstborn” series, “Sunrise” series, “Above the Line” series, “Bailey Flanigan” series. When I finished the “Bailey Flanigan” series, I was horribly sad to find out that was it. Trust me, that was many weeks of reading about the same family. You actually start feeling like you are a part of the Baxter family. Then came along “Coming Home, The Baxter Family” and boy was I excited. Then just in time for Christmas came her newest book, “A Baxter Family Christmas”.


     “A Baxter Family Christmas” written by the amazing Christian author Karen Kingsbury, is about the family coming together for the holidays except John Baxter (Father) wants to invite someone to the dinner that some of the siblings are not too happy about! This book will bring you once again together, to experience the joy and happiness, hold each other through the sadness, not all have forgiven over the death of John’s daughter Erin and learning how to forgive and move on without forgetting.



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