Several Good Reads

Welcome to some of my favorite reads. I got really behind on my blogs and book reviews and am slowly catching up. I did put these books together based on each of them got 5 star ratings on Goodreads by me. Loved these books.


“The Obsession” by Nora Roberts. Goodreads insert reads as follows,  Naomi finds out that the one person who she loved and felt safe, wasn’t who she thought he was. He was a wanted notorious serial killer. But now as an adult, she moves around so that others do not realize that she is connected to the killer. She decides to settle down in a small town, but a new killer is out there and she is his next target.


“The Last Letter From Your Lover” by JoJo Moyes. This is a double love story that takes you into two different generations. In 1960, Jennifer wakes up in the hospital and doesn’t remember anything. So she begins searching for clues and finds a letter signed B. It was from a man whom she seemed to have been in love with. Fast forward into 2003, Ellie who is a journalist stumbles across this letter and decides to find the famous lovers. Read this book if you want to stumble with her to find out if true love still exists.

“Silver Bay” by JoJo Moyes. This love story follows a young woman named Liza and her little girl named Hannah. A secret makes it hard for Liza to fall in love. However, a man, Mike, shows up that seems to destroy what all she has tried so hard to build with the family business and her beloved whales. Mike, who isn’t looking for love at all, has decided he wants to build a resort which would rip up Liza’s business and her claim to the waters that homes to whales. Will they both fall in love and save Silver Bay? Well, you must read to find out in this wonderful love story.


“Just a Kiss” by Denise Hunter. Riley is in love with his best friend, who also is dating his brother. Riley decides to go to boot camp and goes to Afghanistan as a Marine. When Riley finds out his brother isn’t dating Paige anymore, he decides that once he gets home, he is going to tell her once and for all that he is in love with her. But an accident causes him to come home early and feel like he cannot be the man he should be to Paige. Eventually they both fall for each other, but find it hard to tell the other their feelings. Will they finally find the strength to let each other know their true feelings? Well, I could spoil it for you but….you must read to find out. This book I think could make an excellent movie. I even picked out the actor and actress. lol….Do other readers have this problem?


“Most Wanted” by Lisa Scottoline. The reviews for this book were not right on for me, I ended up loving this book. Christine isn’t able to have a baby with her husband Marcus. Unable to conceive, they research different options to have a child and finally decide to go with a donor and letting Christine carry the baby. During her pregnancy, she thinks the donor to her baby is the killer they have arrested in connection to the murdered nurses. She does some digging around, almost destroying her marriage to find out if her baby’s donor is truly the same man that killed these nurses. She so desperately doesn’t want the baby’s donor to be the murderer thinking that his mental health could be passed on to the baby. Question is, is the donor really the murderer?



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