Classic Love Story

As a little girl, we all think of a fairy tale, a love story that has a happy ending. But as we get older, we realize that fairy tales don’t happen, love stories can, but not always be happy. Well I am a sucker for a love story, who isn’t?

Who is JoJo Moyes? This author has several books out on the shelves right now and not all are 5 stars but I will say, she is a favorite author of mine. I love how her characters in the books have different personalities and they all have a fire within. If you have been to her website, you will see that she is from London. She spent several years writing and in 2002 she published her first book “Sheltering Rain.” But right now, my blog is about 2 of her other books! “Me Before You” and “After You”.


“Me Before You” – This book is about a girl who still lives with her family, she has a boyfriend and has a simple job! When something happens to her job, she becomes employed with a man close to her age who once had a spectacular life. He had it all….money, fame, girls and the ability to move when needing to do something. However, a tragic accident leaves him stuck to a chair as a quadriplegic. She realizes she was hired not to take care of him but someone who keeps an eye on him by his family to ensure he won’t kill himself. I do not want to spoil the book, so I am going to leave it right here. I loved this book and gave it 5 stars. I was excited to learn that there was a seqel which is my next book review.


“After You” – This sequal, I gave 5 stars. It is the 2nd book to “Me Before You”. Louisa begins her life without Will at her side and connects with someone who leads her back to Will’s family. Lou finds herself in an accident and requires the help from her parents. She ends up falling for a EMT who rescues her the night of her accident. I am just going to say that this book is just as fantastic as her 1st! I am afraid to go into this book way too much, I am afraid that I will spoil the 1st one.

I want to express that both these books will have you laughing and sniffling. So grab a nice warm blanket, cup of tea and a box of Kleenex’s. These two books will leave you discussing for weeks to come.



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