Two By Two


“I was acutely aware of how close she was; up ahead, London and Bodhi were walking beside each other as well, and I flashed on the book I read nightly to London. The four of us walking two by two, because no one should have to walk alone.”

Have you ever read a book that left you with so many emotions that one minute you were laughing, ticked off, grabbing tissues to wipe the tears that rolled down your cheeks? Well this book was it. Many times, I wanted to jump in the book and give my two cents. I gave this book 5/5 stars. Wow!!

Many people can relate with this book. One minute you wake up and think life is going exactly as planned only to find out….it’s not God’s way! No matter how frustrating it may seem, the hurdles you go through, you sometimes feel like letting go.

A man, wakes up and finds out that his marriage is failing and it totally leaves him unbalanced, trying to figure out what went wrong. While in the midst of a job change, he decides to embark on building his own business. He finds himself being left behind by his wife to take care of their young daughter. Not used to being a dad, he finds his place in his daughters heart.

It’s a story that shows what lengths a parent will go for their child, a love story that blossoms, the story of friendships and times with family. A story about siblings and the bond they share. This book will make you laugh, help you smile, make you furious, and have you grabbing the tissues.

Grab this 5 star book today, you won’t regret it!


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