The Life We Bury

The Life We Bury

By Allen Eskens



     This book actually had me on the wow factor. This book had me on my toes, on the edge of the seat, yelling and talking to the characters as if they were real. This mystery starts out based on a College student who needs to write an article on a complete stranger and write a biography on him. He decides to write about Carl Iverson who was convicted of rape and murder.

    Carl was released from Prison, since he was close to heaven’s door. Living in a nursing home he begins to talk to Joe. Joe struggling with his own share of problems, becomes friends with the next door neighbor who helps Joe with his autistic brother. Since Joe’s mom is irresponsible Joe doesn’t think he will be able to finish college because his brother can’t stay alone and his mother doesn’t want to take care of or become a guardian of Joe’s brother. She’s more worried about her boyfriend who doesn’t know how to keep his hands off Joe’s brother.

     Somehow Joe and the neighbor girl try to put the pieces together of what really happened the night this girl was raped and murdered. The ending will leave you shocked as it spirals around like a roller coaster, escalating to the top, spiraling downward with twists and turns at every corner.

     I recommend this book for anyone who likes an adventure and loves mysteries. I gave this book 5 stars and it almost has a 4 star rating with Goodreads. Excellent read and will be reading more from this author.


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