“See Me” By Nicholas Sparks


“See Me” by Nicholas Sparks is his 18th novel published in October of 2015. On Goodreads, it was given a 3.92 rating and I gave it 5 stars. I noticed in some of the reviews, some readers did not like this style compared to his other books. I think it depends on your style of reading. Some people discouraged reading this book, they implied it sucked. I on the other hand think some just didn’t want more than a regular Sparks book. Sometimes, you need to change it up for a bit. I love his books, they are usually safe books, with a little romance and such. But this one, had some pizzaz to it with some hanging on the edge of my seat kind of story. The more I read, the more I couldn’t put down, page after page and found myself actually yelling at the characters while I read. If you are looking for a safe romance or a tear jerker, this book is not for you. But if you want non stop action, and you can step out of the boundaries, then this book is it. WOW!!!

It’s even better when you find out that your friend is reading the same book!!!


Colin, once in trouble with the law a lot has decided to change his life for the good. Working hard to become an elementary teacher, he must stay out of trouble for a few more years if he wants to see this happening. Maria, a young lawyer with a traumatic past who flees to her hometown thinking she is safe. Fate has these two crossing paths that will lead them into more than friendship and chance at something more until her past catches up with her. In a snarling web of fear, Maria isn’t sure what is safe and not safe, everywhere she turns, she is looking over her shoulder. Will Maria and Colin’s relationship be able to handle his anger issues and a stalker that threatens to ruin everything they both want? Well, looks like you will have to read to find out what happens at the end! The ending will leave you breathless.


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