“Secret Brother” Review


“Secret Brother” By V.C. Andrews

V.C. Andrews has been my favorite author since 1995. I have read many books from this author. Her stories are always shocking and twisted. This book is #3 in the Diaries Series and was published in May of 2015. Goodreads has given it a rating of 3.25 (552 ratings) Amazon is giving it 3 and a half stars. I gave it a 5 star rating.

Clara, a young teenage girl, who feels she is losing everyone she loves, must learn to accept the tragedy’s that seem to fall all around her. She must learn how to live and move on without her parents, her grandma soon passes away and then the death of her brother Willie. Out one day riding his bike, his life ending in a tragedy that no one seen coming. She finds it hard to go on and live without her brother, but doesn’t realize how hard it’s about to get. The night Clara’s brother dies at the hospital, there is another young boy who is on his death bed from being poisoned. He has no identity, can’t talk or walk. So grandpa decides to help this young boy locate his missing family. He spends money on the doctors in the boys care and decides it’s best to bring the boy to his home till he can locate the parents. Clara, wasn’t as accepting, feeling that her Grandpa just wanted to forget Willie. Does Clara finally realize how much she can heal her heart by helping this young boy? Does Clara become jealous that Grandpa is giving this boy all the attention? Does Grandfather ever find out where this young boy came from? Does Clara ever become accepting of the new kid?


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