“Rogue Lawyer” Review


“Rogue Lawyer” by John Grisham

I have always like John Grisham books. I am not sure that I found one that I didn’t like. My first Grisham book was “The Client.” Since reading that book, I became more obsessed with his other books. “Rogue Lawyer” is one of his newest books. Published in October of 2015 as a legal thriller and rated 3.66 (21,705 ratings) on Goodreads. I sat for approximately 10 minutes reading the reviews. I noticed that some people did not like this book, declaring that it was not one of his best! I am really glad that I did not listen to those reviews. I actually ended up liking it, till the end. I didn’t like the ending. I understand that everyone has their own opinions, but it did seem like quite a few were just not satisfied. On Amazon, it was given 4/5 stars. There was a few critics hating this book as well there! It still got 4/5 stars.

My review is 3/5 stars. I know, that doesn’t seem possible does it? However, when I read a really good book, one that I have a hard time putting down, one who I growl at the kids when they bug me, I end up with book fever and can’t come to work. Just kidding, I’m on Spring Break with the kids. I loved the plot of the story. It was very exciting in parts, I have always loved his word usage, I did finish it faster than some books, but I did get slightly aggravated trying to figure out where this story was headed. Once I got to the end I figured out the plot. Like I said, I didn’t like the way, he left the book hanging. It felt like he ran out of what to say and ended it up with…the end! Here is a little summary of the book.

Sebastian Rudd is lawyer, that defends the accused or the one’s that other lawyers don’t want to touch. He isn’t your typical lawyer either. He rents a penthouse, but his office isn’t in a building. It’s inside a bulletproof van with a couch and a frig. He doesn’t have many friends, he doesn’t trust a lot of people, but he does have 1 guy who works for him, driving him around, Rudd’s bodyguard from people who want to hurt him. Partner also helps Rudd with his cases kind of like a personal assistant. Between his court cases for people he was representing, he was having struggles with his ex-wife over his child. He ends up representing several criminals, and he did take a case for a man who was actually innocent. I did find myself a little sad over one of the stories in the book. An innocent older couple, who knew nothing about the internet and found themselves being raided by a swat team, it was the most emotional part of the book aside from a kidnapping.

Well I am going to wrap this up, I am sure your tired of hearing my ramblings. I am going to say, I recommend this book to anyone who like a little lawyer/action thriller based book. You won’t be bored with it.

On to my next book…..wonder what the book is????




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