Birthday Boy Who’s 3

Aiden's 3

“You are the child of my child, and your life is a joy to me. I am grateful to have you in my life. As I watch through the generations, I am reminded that the bonds we form are as everlasting as the spirit.” – Author Unknown

My little guy is turning 3 and I can’t believe how fast time has flown. It just seems like yesterday that he was this tiny little boy in my arms. I didn’t get to see him every day, but he was always on my mind and in my heart. I always tried to throw a prayer or two for him also. I didn’t think I could love something more than my own children, but then I became a grandma, and I understood clearly what spoiling meant. It is very hard to simply tell him no.

We blew past his 1st birthday, his 2nd birthday went racing by, and here we are, celebrating his 3rd! Building memories that I hope he will hold dear in his heart. I want to be the grandma that is told in stories to come. “Back in the day with my grandma, we did this…” that’s the grandma I want to be.

Us on Monday…Birthday Boy

Usually as we are growing up, were mother’s and we wish for a magic potion that makes us young again. I still wish I could make this potion, not for myself, but for the one who holds my heart.



Aiden William – you have been a blessing to me! You have opened my eyes and helped me grow to be the better person than I was yesterday. I am sorry that you were not feeling well on Monday when I came to see you. I know Tuesday we had to take you to the doctors and Wednesday we missed the zoo! But I can’t wait to build a lifetime of memories with you.

With Love,

Grandma Kat


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