The Good Girl


     The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

     Here’s the insert from the book, not in my words ~ Born to a Chicago judge and wife, Mia is a inner-city art teacher. Mia, one night, enters a bar but is stood up by her boyfriend. Instead, she leaves with a stranger, but it ends up being her worst nightmare. Her kidnapper Colin, was just suppose to kidnap Mia and drop her off with a horrible guy. But somewhere along the way, Colin changes his mind. He takes her to a cabin, secluded into the mountains somewhere in Minnesota. Running from the police and the one who actually wanted Mia kidnapped while a detective named Gabe will stop at nothing to find out what happened to Mia. But something happens that changes the lives of everyone involved with Mia. This whole families world is about to shatter.

     Have you ever read that book that seemed to bounce back and forth, back and forth? This is defiantly one of them books. When I find a book similar to this, most of the time, aggravating as it can be sometimes, I really seem to stay focused and want to keep reading. This book was given a 3.81 rating (63,191 ratings) and I gave it a 5 star reading. The author made sure I was second guessing all the way to the very end! When you finally finish, the book will be left in your hands while your sitting there saying….What the hell???? I totally was dumbfounded…I know some people were trying to compare this book to Gone Girl! It is nothing like Gone Girl! No comparison what so ever!!!


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