I simply do not know, where the time has gone. I haven’t been on in a month, I guess I kind of hit a road block of sorts, with so many things that seem to have taken me away from all the good things in life. My book reading has hit rock bottom, my writing is simply put…not happening, and I haven’t blogged in a what feels like forever. Depression was starting to kick in. I knew I had to do something, jump back in the saddle, turn on some tunes and get my type on. There are so many things I would like to say but I don’t think we have all day to read about my boring life. Damn you winter, I have become a hermit. No I don’t like the cold, okay I am not sure where to begin. I have passed my birthday, I am now 42. My mind tries to tell me I am in my 20’s but as soon as I get up and start moving, my bones tell me a totally different story. So instead of running up the stairs like I once used too, say like in 10 seconds, cleaning house in just under a few hours, it now takes me all damn day because it seems that everyone forgot how to pick up after themselves. And they tried to tell me it was my old age! Old age my ass! Don’t ever believe your family.  Ha ha, had me fooled huh?  I might be quicker at these chores but with a house full of boys (inserting boyfriend), I am grabbing socks and shirts from every direction, towels and endless amounts of goodness sakes, how many towels does one person need? It’s never ending around here. As you can tell, my dog is the boss!


My youngest son, comes home from school and tells me that he crashed into another kid at school during an after school activity. Needless to say, after 1 root canal on his front tooth and a bill later, we are headed home. No saving that tooth. Because he damaged the roots, it was either a root canal or a fake tooth. Come on…at least it wasn’t a broken arm again….seriously!


My 17 year old son had to have surgery on his foot for a plantar wart that just wouldn’t go the hell away. It became the size of a quarter and was told it was going to be a simple procedure. Yes, that was simple…but afterwards I thought I was going to lose my mind. After a week, I am still getting “But mom, it still hurts” from my son. It also looks nasty. Simple procedure my ass! I did capture a hilarious video of him coming off the anesthesia. He thought he was married to Selena Gomez and was a race car driver. “Where’s my wife?” and “Where’s my pants?” and “Did I win the race?” followed with a “I was racing a Bugatti, did I win the race?” and the famous, “I can’t feel my toes.” I told him, sleep it off son, sleeeeep it off!! Ha ha, sorry to have to record these video’s so we can laugh at your expense, but who’s footing the bill here? I need as many hits on YouTube with your video to pay the bill.


My birthday wasn’t the best. My body decided to fail me. I ended up with a bug, that literally had me nauseated every time I moved. My daughter came by with the kids, so rolled on the floor with the kids. I spent the rest of the day in  bed. My oldest son brought me home some flowers after school, then my younger kids went with grandpa and they brought me home some more colorful flowers. My boyfriend brought me home some beautiful flowers with a card that said “I will love you till every flower dies”…yep, you got it! First I said, I best find that fake flower, then I found the fake one! After finally feeling better that evening, I was finally able to swallow my cake. Happy Birthday to me, I felt special even on my sick day.

I would have tried to throw in a book review here and there, but I didn’t really read any books that gave me that feeling that I needed to share. It never fails I get a bunch of books that I don’t find interesting enough to blog about and when I try to leave a review, writers block….I couldn’t even write about it if I had tried. Some of the books I can’t say I remember what they were about. I usually like a lot of books, so when I find one that I can’t remember….well I just can’t write about it.  I will say, your probably half asleep anyway reading this boring blog. Enjoy the pictures! Valentines Day Anyone???

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I spent some time with my daughter. Those are always fun times! My grandson came and had a camp out with me, and when my daughter and her husband took Aiden to the PBR, I was lucky enough to watch Serenity! My son Jeremy always brings mom home flowers on Mondays….life couldn’t get any sweeter…

My niece also got married and because she knows her aunt has great skills, I was asked to be her photographer. I remember now, why I don’t like wedding photography. To freaking hectic, lol….


Well now that you know that I am not completely missing, that I was actually kidnapped by writers block, my kids and grandkids….hopefully I can get back on here and start blogging again. Did I mention….I now have bangs? What ya think, lol….pic 1 & 2 without bangs….the rest with bangs…I also colored it again!!! Loving it! Well I need to post this. I was trying to get caught up yesterday, but I had yet…another spell. I was eating and blogging, and then yep, I don’t want to get into details. I ended up in an ambulance and was at the hospital for the duration of lunchtime and afternoon. March 22nd I will get my endoscopy so hopefully they find out what is happening and I can live my life again, without fear of being sick.




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