People I Want to Punch in the Throat

As all book lovers know, we all love the library. I keep updated with them on facebook and noticed they posted a picture of the Author and her National Bestseller book. The title alone captured my attention and something deep inside me decided to read on. So I read the article and realized this certain woman was a blogger herself in the beginning and decided to turn her blogs into books. I think somewhere we can all relate either wanting to turn our blogs into books or we at least need some humor in our lives and know we are not the only one’s who want to literally slap the shit out of some people! I realized from the story, that her book was going to be a comical but factual set of events that will not only make us say….OMG, yes I totally have been there, we must know the same people to the yes, I wanna punch someone in the throat!


People I Want to Punch in the Throat by Jen Mann

     I am quoting some sentences in the book to give you an idea, of just how funny this is.

That one guy who sits in the middle of starbucks yelling into his stupid Bluetooth about a bullshit quarterly report. We all hope you choke on your latte.

Extreme couponers who hold up the checkout line over thirty frickin’ cents. I’m mostly pissed off because I always forget my coupons at home.

Anyone who feels the need to bling her washer and dryer. I blame Pinterest for this shit.

The guy in front of me at McDonald’s the other day who asked, “What’s good here?” Even the guy behind the counter didn’t know how to answer.

I am telling you, once you start reading this book, you will not put it down. I did read it almost in one day, all the while screaming yes, slap that no good…

5 stars, I love this author and she does have more books that you can read! Listen to her tales of how she met her husband, how she had her kids, how she dealt with a co-worker that had a 4th of July celebration plus more… will laugh till you can laugh no more!!!


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