It’s You


I had 4 children and none of them enjoy reading like I do! Sometimes I wonder if they were switched at the hospital, but then I see my baby pictures and realize nope, they’re mine. My youngest is struggling a bit in many subjects so I decided that twice a week we would go to the public library for some quiet time and read. We have a really nice library and while the fireplace is fake, it still has feeling of sitting by the fire, relaxing with a good book.

I brought my book with me, since I had already checked mine out days prior. My son, reading only a chapter when the library was closing. Bummer, I was enjoying the quiet and the roaring fire. I do realize at that point, that more comfortable couches are needed! I did get my book finished and so I am here now telling you about this book.


     It’s You by Jane Porter

Ali, had plans to get married, until 6 weeks before her wedding. She tries to come to grips with the tragedy, her fiancé kills himself prior to the wedding. Not being able to forgive herself, she seems to lose herself. Until one day, she receives a call that has her headed back home to help take care of her father. She meets a woman in the retirement center that her father resides in. The woman tells a story of how she didn’t lose just one love but two. So just when you think the main story is going to be about Ali, you find out that the story is really about Edi, the woman in the home.

     I don’t really want to tell too much of the story but Edi’s story helps Ali to heal. I gave this book 5 stars.  In the beginning I was only going to give it 3 stars, but when we got to Edi’s story, I realized the plot! It wasn’t my favorite book, but it did deserve the 5 stars.


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