The Liar

Have you ever started a book, and it had you so mesmerized that you couldn’t put it down? It’s a book, that grabs you from page one until you finish the last page, giving others the ultimate death if you are disturbed once by their non-stop attention seeking words! I completely turn into a monster at once!


The Liar written by Nora Roberts

If you haven’t read a story by Roberts, now is the time to go to the library and grab this newest novel by her. I have read some of her books that quite didn’t keep me motivated enough to read, but then there are some books that have you gripping the edge of seat, calling into work and swearing at anyone who tries to pull you from the page. It leaves you thinking from chapter to chapter, pulling you into the story, like you belong there.

Go ahead…grab a chair, sit down and lets begin….

Shelby, left with her 3 year old daughter after her husband dies, realizes that the man she loved, wasn’t who he said he was. Finding out that she was left with an enormous amount of debt, tries to find ways to get those paid off. Selling a lot of their belongings just to stay a float, she packs up what little she has left and heads on back home to where her roots are.

She soon learns, not only did she not know her husband like she thought, she finds out that he was an adulterer, liar and a thief.

Meanwhile, back at her parents home, she meets up with a gentleman named Griff. It’s your fairytale kind of romance that builds up threw the book.

However, even though she is in her hometown, and her brother is a part of the police station, danger still follows her home. While she scrambles to find out the truth, falling in love, she’s running from something dangerous. Who is she running from….

Well that’s the rest of the story and you will have to read to find out! Enjoy……….


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