Everyday Blessings

Everyday Blessings Inspirational messages written by Max Lucado

     I gave this a 5/5 stars on Goodreads. I enjoyed every message I read. I plan on keeping some of these verses in my phone to get me through my bad days. I haven’t wrote in many days because work had me busy, then with the holidays, I couldn’t find the time to get on and blog with the reviews on my books.

This was one of my favorites, which has gotten me through some really rough patches. Between my illness and the death of my best friend, this verse has given me peace at times I didn’t think I could go on.

This is also one of my favorite verses. This is also a verse in a song from an excellent Christian singer. IMG_20151218_110853000

There have been times in my life where I worry about everything. When I feel like I start to worry, I read this verse. I can’t say it works every time, but he does care about us!


He never leaves us, he is there, even on days when we cry feeling so alone.


Lately, I hear so much talk about how some people do not believe in God or Jesus. I’m going to make this story short, but I used to drive a little girl to pre-school every day for the whole school year many years ago, 7 years later, her mom finds out her daughter had stage 4 kidney cancer in April of this year 2015. My faith was so strong, I tried to believe in that Christmas Miracle that God would listen and she’d wake up on Christmas healed. But that did not happen. She didn’t make it to Christmas, sadly she spent her day with Jesus in heaven. My faith was shaky for a few days and then I read this verse. God’s plan always isn’t what we want, but even though we cannot see him, he’s there!



Even through our sad times, we can remain strong, with Christ!




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