What She left behind


  Seen this picture online, and I loved it. I do not get any credit for this particular photo except I love it! This is me. I used to be an overindulgent and unrestrained coffee drinker. Seemed like it was the only way I could start my day, the only way I could begin without being grumpy. Due to an illness, a cup of warm peppermint tea has taken the coffee’s place without any side effects. Now, generally, you will see me with my cup of tea and either a good book, Facebook (used as a newspaper) or working on a blog.

     So, I sit here with my cup of tea and that really good book to tell you a story about good times, hardships, sorrow and new beginnings. Something that will captivate you into the story as if you are living as one of the characters in the story. What she left behind by Ellen Marie Wiseman.

In this stunning new novel, the acclaimed author of The Plum Tree merges the past and present into a haunting story about the nature of love and loyalty – and the lengths we will go to protect those who need us most.  (Inserted from book)


         Many years ago, Izzy Stone had the perfect life or so she thought! To know that her mother had shot her father while he was asleep one night left Izzy devastated and alone. Left with a grandma, who didn’t live long enough to see Izzy grow, Izzy bounced from one foster family to another. Losing her grip on faith, trust and the understanding as to why her mother had done what she did. Ignoring all the letters and visits to her mother in prison, she pretends she doesn’t have any love for a woman who was suppose to be her mother but destroyed everything in one single blow. Until one day, she is sent to live with a couple who were employees at a local museum. Can they gain Izzy’s heart and teach her how to love again?

     Clara Cartwright, 18 in 1929 lived with her parents who had a load of money and controlled everything Clara did. While you step into Clara’s shoes you will find out the sad facts of what happened to her brother. Of course Clara had a different idea for her future than what her father wanted. Clara falling in love with an Italian immigrant named Bruno, her father despised him and refused to let his daughter be with him. Locking her up and keeping her inside the house until he could have it arranged for her to wed someone he approved of. Not knowing she was pregnant, one frightful night, her parents lied to police saying she was out of control and had her sent to a fancy place for the insane. Saying she was delusional and that there was no such thing as Bruno. The stock market crashed, leaving Clara’s family without enough funds to keep her locked up, they then sent her to a state ran facility with horrible living conditions and mistreated anyone who had to live there.

     As Izzy helps her foster parents dig through the rumbles of files and belongings, she finds out about Clara. As she sifts through what happened to Clara, Izzy tries to put the pieces together. She also starts thinking about her own life as well. What’s going to happen when she turns 18, is she crazy like her mother and why did her mother do what she did? Piecing together, thinking about what choices she will have to make will leave you feeling many emotions. You will find yourself as you read this book, getting angry wanting to throw the book, yet you can’t as you keep reading just to find out what is going to happen next. This truly is one of my favorite books. Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down.


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