The Night Sister

I haven’t read a scary, on the edge of my seat book in ages. I must say this book did just that and then some. The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon was reviewed and quoted by The Miami Herald as “One of the year’s most chilling novels…Melds the mystery genre with the supernatural for a psychological thriller that’s as scary as it is enthralling.”


Here is a quick recap of what this book is about. In the 1950’s a motel called The Tower Motel was ran by a man and his family. Two sisters, Rose and Sylvia, help run this motel, until one night, one sister, Sylvia disappears and the other one, Rose is left thinking she is the reason her sister is no longer here. The one who disappeared had dreams to become an actress in Hollywood, however she never made it, even though everyone thinks she ran away, except the one sister who was told about monsters from her grandma. Mares as they are called who can change from a human to an animal of their choice like that of a shape shifter but with dyer consequences. Years later, the one sister, Rose has a child that must be raised by the grandma because to save others, she must stay locked away. One terrible night, the daughter Amy and two of her friends Piper and Margot find something disturbing that ends their friendship for good. Many years later, Piper comes back to London, Vermont to help her sister Margot who is at the end of her pregnancy. She also finds out that her friend from years back was murdered along with Amy’s husband and son, her daughter the only survivor. Piper, starts figuring out what the secret is that lies within Amy’s heritage, and what happened years ago. It’s up to you to find out what that secret is. Do monsters really exhist or are they created out of our own imagination?

I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars. I absolutely loved this book. I don’t normally read scary books like this one, which did give me some nightmares, however I am glad that I did. Sometimes, you just need to pick up something different. Hope you will enjoy this book, maybe you too will start to believe in monsters…..what’s that sound down the hall? Yes it’s a monster….my kid needs my undivided attention. Guess I had better go!


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