A Walk in the Woods


So I happened upon this book at the library and for some reason or another, I decided it looked like a good book. I know sometimes that books may look good, and yet, I find halfway through the book I feel like I just wasted the last 3 days of my life. So I pulled out my phone and began reviewing A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. It was given 4 stars at Goodreads so decided what the hell….I was going to give this book a shot. I am seriously glad that I did! I ventured into this story just like Bill began his journey into the AT. I followed Bill on his journey giggling, sometimes bored yet intrigued to continue reading. I almost couldn’t put the book down so to speak.


This book is about a older man, who decides to embark on a exciting yet dangerous trail, the Appalachian Trail. It’s majestic and endless 2,100 mile long trail, that takes you from one place to another. Where some people have never gone. To battle it out with mother nature, the wildlife and the soul of the mountains. While reading this book, I tried to put myself in his shoes and thought, there is no way I could have endured all that he did. How far did he go? What kind of people did he meet on the trail? What did this teach him in the end? You will only know these answers yourself, if you can be strong enough to take a journey with Bill on the AT.



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