Rollercoaster #2

If your reading this post 1st, I suggest you go back and read post 1…. This is continued!

The summer I found out something was wrong with my health, I went to my first Royals game with friends and my family and I took a trip to Montana to see my parents and other family and to clear my head! I had never taken a trip before alone. I had a ton of fun with the kids that summer and it was super hard trying to make it back!


Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-40-01 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-39-46 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-38-55 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-38-04 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-37-56 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-37-39 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-37-23 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-37-08 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-37-01 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-35-43

Doesn’t look like I’m sick huh? That’s because sometimes when your sick, it doesn’t show! It can be invisible, and sometimes the one who isn’t well keeps on smiling when you really don’t feel like smiling!


I seen this once on Facebook, and it really hit home! Throughout my struggles, I always thought I was alone. Anyone with a chronic illness feels alone! We lose our loved ones, husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, and even people who we thought were our friends! They think we are hypochondriacs, that were faking for the attention, or they think we have an inner mental illness within our brain that makes us think we are sick. But it’s not true! It’s never fun to be left out of parties, or social functions because we are simply too sick to leave home. We worry about where all the bathroom facilities will be before we have ever arrived. Well I accomplished many things that summer, had a couple grandbaby’s, took a trip to Alabama then to Illinois and Kentucky!

Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-41-02 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-49-53 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-49-46 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-49-23 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-46-30 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-45-32 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-46-40 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-47-37 Screenshot_2015-10-18-12-48-37

I know one things for certain…. This is my story, some days I want to give up, but today, I’m going to keep on fighting!


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