Rollercoaster #1

Last time I blogged aside from my 2 books was when I went to the Carnival. So much has happened since then that I don’t even know where to begin. I’m sure no one wants to hear about my health issues but since I went to the Carnival, I have had 2 spells. (That’s what I call it) Let’s just say, these spells are pretty much like food poisoning. If anyone knows what that feels like, I would rather be in labor! At least while in labor your on some serious pain meds, while with the latter, not so much. You live in the bathroom, till all is over which could run for 2 – 6 hours, depending on your body! I know it isn’t food poisoning and I know it’s not the stomach bug! I have had this now 7 times since January of this year when it started! Doctors have no clue at the moment, so I just call it a spell! Since I turned 40, my life has been forever changing, costly co-pays, and many visits to doctors trying to find out why my digestive system has gone crazy! Nothing has went right since then!



This was me, in May before I got sick! This was before my world plummeted to the bottom of the list of people who complain day after day about not feeling well but never getting answer. I don’t know the exact day, but I know what happened that led to that moment! I was going through a lot of stress….rushing boys to football practices and games, working a 6 hour job, started school to get my GED, the exams to pass for GED, trying to have a clean house, struggled with the whole grieving process after my best friend had died few years prior, I also had quit smoking and was smoke free for a year when all hell broke loose! I also had some relationship problems with my daughter right before I became ill. This was the first thing I remember at that moment I felt like my world was crashing!


That particular day we was bed shopping, and I realized that Nebraska Furniture Mart didn’t have enough bathrooms let alone stalls! At first I thought I had stomach bug! But I wasn’t getting any better, my first doctor was a quack who kept insisting that my problem was a virus I finally gave her the finger and said… Your fired! I managed to find a doctor who others recommended, changed my doctor on my HMO health card and when I finally managed to see her, I was a hot mess! Immediately she places me on FMLA and started me on a bile binder/ Colestid also known as Colestipol. I was told that people who had their gall bladder removed didn’t have a place to store bile, sending the bile traveling in high speeds down the digestive system! Yep…. I’m sure you know what happens at that point! She put me on that medicine, them also started me on Xanax to help with the anxiety I had somehow picked up while being sick. The last prescription she gave me was lomotil, aka strong immodium! After a few weeks of FMLA I started to improve, I went back to work. I drive for a living, so when bathroom is needed, it’s not always at my disposal! Anyway on the road to feeling better, I tried fodmap diet for few months but just didn’t seem to work. I feel like I’m living in a freaking nightmare! I have asked GOD often, what did I do that was so wrong that would deserve this punishment????

Part 2…..


3 thoughts on “Rollercoaster #1

  1. Maybe try asking your body what it is trying to tell you. I went through similar stuff in January and it nearly broke me but I have learned so much and made so much progress since then. Stay strong xx


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