Grandkids: The Way To Happiness

“What Children need most, are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life and most of all….cookies.”

Rudy Giuliani


My daughter holding her daughter, my son with bandana, grandson Aiden with Harley my son to the right!

Well in my case….M&M’s and popcorn. Saturday I wake up and step outside and notice how beautiful the day was going to be, not to mention….my grandkids were coming by to visit. I just knew it was going to be a gorgeous day for a parade and a festival. What a blast we were going to have. Parades and rides and yummies o my! Sitting on my lap Aiden became excited, especially when he seen the motorcycle, at the beginning of the parade and immediately said, “Grandpa!?” Sorry to say it was not grandpa! Dancing to the music as the band plays on by, GO EAGLES, I tell him…he just points and laughs. Eventually, we must pass him back to forth, keeping him entertained as I finally get to hold my princess! My granddaughter is the most beautiful baby in the world. What an angel she is.  She looks in awe at all the sounds and lights and laughter. Aiden gets even more excited when he says, “Look Grandma, bus!”….”Grandma’s bus?” I was like yep, I see but not today, not grandma’s bus. Parade is over, and off we go to the carnival.

IMG_20150926_123751617 IMG_20150926_123521727IMG_20150926_125307626

I’d say he had fun, he had fun waving at us, he had fun waving at strangers, lol, he had a blast. By this time, it started to warm up and it was super crowded but I enjoyed the fun times we had that day.

IMG_20150926_105148644_HDR IMG_20150926_105648149 IMG_20150926_110120678 IMG_20150926_133038774 “A Grandmother is a mother who has been given a second chance.” Author Unknown….

We ended our day with a trip down to the Fire Station. They had a identify a kid program going on where they swab their mouths and finger print so if they ever become lost, we can identify them as they get older. Of course someone takes my grandkids, and I liable to mess someone up! Go Granny Go!! However, I wanted to take a gander and see if we had any firemen that resembled “Chicago Fire.” Nope….it’s only in the TV shows. However, Aiden had a blast. Had to lift him up to see inside the fire truck and I must admit, I got excited just watching him be all excited.

IMG_20150926_133752130 IMG_20150926_142959203_HDR

Cute huh??? Well everything went well till I got home and decided to eat a late lunch. Apparently my IBS/BAM decided to take over my life and had me out-of-order the rest of the evening! Until next time….


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