The Hills

Last week my boyfriend comes in the room all eager and stuff and say’s ” Babe, let’s go to the Ozarks on the bike?” “I’m like seriously?”  I am not feeling well at this point, and I’m thinking this will probably be the last time he asks because it is starting to get cooler. I’m throwing stuff in a bag and I am like I guess, let’s do it. My 16-year-old doesn’t say it in these words, but he is like “Hey, I want to go, can a friend go with us?” So we call up Jordan and he’s like count me in, and Chad says “Hey babe, how about Karmen?” I’m like sure….so we pick her up, she’s in 5th grade but she’s a lot of fun! What red-head isn’t! So I drive the SUV and the gear we would need for the day and Chad follows us on his motorcycle! Here is a quick pick of his ride! Photo taken by me of course!

0267 0268 0269 0270

At this point, yes nice bike…are you seeing the big picture yet? I am in the SUV with “Are we there yet kids?” While he rides comfortably and quietly enjoying the scenery and the smells and the quietness of the woods as we embark on down the scenic route to the Ozarks. I’m kidding, these kids were good! Two teenage boys in the back and one 5th grader in the front, I was for sure not falling asleep on this trip! Man this girl had some stories!

Snapchat--985914361618956911 Snapchat--2400867482738636735

We finally made it so Chad could get his poker chip from Lake of the Ozarks Harley-Davidson…we couldn’t keep Karmen off the bikes, she wanted this one and this one….


Finally we were starving and decided to pull out, Chad was so hungry, he forgot his helmet, we pulled over while he got it strapped and off we went to find this BBQ place in the neck of the woods. I am not kidding, this place was in the boonies. I even got a little scared and to help with the panic we was coming up with jokes, good one’s Jordan and Karmen. Finally arrive at this boat house BBQ place in the middle of a residential lake house neighborhood. Would have been the perfect place to eat because you could sit outside on a deck overlooking the water but the bad news was, after paying 6 bucks for toll, and driving 30 min. out of our way, we find out that there isn’t anymore bbq ribs, pulled pork, tenderloin, or burnt ends…so we decided to leave and go somewhere else….what a bummer! We did get some great shots by the lake before all this.

IMG_20150919_180926444 IMG_20150919_180951457 IMG_20150919_181033208 IMG_20150919_181110535 IMG_20150919_181231716_HDR IMG_20150919_181242306 IMG_20150919_181315509 IMG_20150919_181323575 IMG_20150919_181330791 IMG_20150919_181400597_HDR IMG_20150919_181411497 IMG_20150919_181415822 IMG_20150919_181510104

We did eventually find a great place to eat, it wasn’t the best but we had the BBQ Nacho’s that was supposed to taste similar to the one in Iowa, but it really wasn’t as good. But we ate anyway at HalfSauced Barbeque and headed home. I wasn’t hungry anymore, but I was exhausted!!!


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