Papa Roach Stole the Show

We got there just as Ashes to New was playing the last few songs, Deano was disappointed, because he liked this Linkin Park replica. So the men decided to go shopping and meet the band Ashes to New while I rocked the house with many other fans to In This Moment. I must say, she is an interesting kick ass performer, and in my opinion and not my boyfriends, this girl stole the show with the few songs she played.

The men finally come back from their shopping spree and Harley is wearing a Five Finger Death Punch Hoodie…I almost Five Finger Death Punched him in the throat because he had my hoodie that I wanted and I am a hoodie girl and everyone knows this….Joke’s on me, as Harley takes it off and says see what daddy bought you! 🙂 Good cause daddy about died!! JK…Lights are out….it’s dark, be afraid….BOOM Papa Roach said are ya ready??? 1, 2, 3 JUMP!!! At this point, I had to shut video off, because it’s hard to jump and record! As my boyfriend says, “They stole the show” and I said nope, not until he ran through the crowd and was merely 2 feet from us…OMFG

Five Finger was awesome, they didn’t last long enough! I think hour and a half wasn’t long enough! By the time I went to bed it was way after midnight….so started making plans to see my next concert….Pop Evil? or Disturbed?


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