One Womans Secret


     Summer Secrets by Jane Green. Wow! Here is a funny thought process! It was my first book by this author so wasn’t sure how this book would go. Authors have a way about themselves as I am sure all you book fans will agree! Their stories seem to take similar paths so to speak. I’m trying to rack my brain to find the right words for this book without giving you the spoiler.

I always give 5 star ratings on the books I read. I like to rate a lot of books on Goodreads and so forth. 5 being the best and 1 for I absolutely hate the darn book and trust me, I find those as well. But just because I gave it a 5, doesn’t mean that you will. We are all human and have different opinions. And just because my explanation of why I gave the stars doesn’t mean  you have to disagree or agree because it’s my opinion. However if I don’t like your opinion well, that’s just too darn bad because I am always right! Just kidding seriously…on to better things!

In the beginning, I was thinking along the lines of 4/5 till I finished the ending….it blew me away! I loved this book giving it an absolute 5/5 rating. The beginning was slow, but the way it was written had me turning page after page. I didn’t like Cat, the main character in the beginning. I do know people who struggle with alcohol and I know it’s tough, but I kept saying to myself, “How many times do you have to screw stuff up?” In the end, I loved her….you will have to read the book to find out why.


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