A Granny’s Story

I’m a little behind on my blogging, this was taken about a week ago!  Last week, I was feeling a little down in the dumps, feeling like things never go according to plan. I know that is life but good lord, why does feeling 60 have to happen at the good age of 41? Without getting into details of my health because god for bid if my boyfriend has to hear it again and again, yes I’m being a smartass…it’s a part of my life holy shit!!! I was diagnosed with BAM (Bile Acid malabsorption and IBS-D….I am not getting into details, let me just say it’s the shits. It’s caused from not having a gall bladder and it’s something they don’t warn you about before they get rid of that little bugger. Anyway, moving on….so I left the house feeling under the weather and asking why my life has to suck in so many ways. My family doesn’t get it, which makes everything worse! I used to be spontaneous but now….it’s planning! ridiculous, right???? Gluten Free isn’t helping neither. Well anyway, I take a walk and enjoy the nice weather. My daughter made me feel like I was a nuisance wanting to come see my grandbabies and so I took a walk for some fresh air. Did me good, beautiful water, the leaves are changing and before I know it, it will be cool. Love my hoodies and a good campfire!

IMG_20150920_131116042 IMG_20150920_131129313_HDR IMG_20150920_131510639 IMG_20150920_131528912 IMG_20150920_131840753 IMG_20150920_132123991 IMG_20150920_132938261 IMG_20150920_132950317

Eventually I make it over to see my grandbabies with my daughter…Can’t believe how much they have grown! Figured out a Christmas present for my grandson, puzzles!

IMG_20150920_150702949_HDR IMG_20150920_150713336_HDR IMG_20150920_150729457 IMG_20150920_150737452_HDR IMG_20150920_154031074

We all find times to enjoy the little things even when other things suck! Being a Granny has its advantages!


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