God Gave Me My Purpose

Friday, my grandson came to spend the night, so we went shopping, came home and had supper. We then finger painted many awesome pictures. Look Grandma…..IMG_20150911_203739494 IMG_20150911_210748323

We camped out on the couch together, he had outgrown the pack n play. Boy, I thought my children grew up fast, but it seems to have went even faster with my grandkid. I didn’t know where the time had gone. Now I see what other grandparents have told me. I look at Serenity and see her growing fast too and I am hoping that I am able to build a bond with her also. I awoke to Aiden’s persistent word of Grandma and head tapping with his tiny hand. I said “Hey Aiden.” He said, “What ya doing Grandma.” I told him, “Well I was sleeping, but now I am awake.” He says “Grandma, I’m done.” At this point it’s 7:30 am and I know he’s ready to get up and start a new day. So up we go, making breakfast and getting him ready because I knew that my little guy was getting ready to leave at any moment. He didn’t want to leave, and he did cry, but I’m sure once he saw the zoo, he was having fun and Grandma was forgotten.  After he left, I decided to get around myself and felt the need to be alone. So I ventured to a place I had taken the kids to when they was little. On the path by a creek, there was benches and I sat there for a long time, listening to the wind whistling through the leaves, the whispering from the stream as it intertwined between the rocks and I heard the birds as they tweeted a sweet tune. Then in the distance I could hear children screaming and laughing and I thought to myself, ugh….no, they will ruin it! I just wanted to be alone. I read a few verses from the bible and decided well I guess I will head back up to the car. But I changed my mind and I sat longer because a memory with all my kids had surfaced. Shanelle had a cast on her arm and for some reason she was mad at me but I can’t remember why. She pulled this big wagon with the kids inside as I took pictures. I smiled in that moment, because it was a memory that will last a lifetime. I ended up staying longer because the kids that came down to the stream to play became interesting to watch. I watched them splashing and playing in the stream with their parents. Closing my eyes, I was able to pretend for just a little bit that it was my kids when they was younger. It was music to my ears. Finally, for whatever reason, I felt I needed to leave and gave them their time. I will not lie, I was saddened because that time I had with the kids when they were younger are now gone, but I also found joy and peace. I went there yesterday for a reason and I came out with a purpose. God had heard my prayer!

IMG_0355 IMG_0358 IMG_0367 IMG_0369 IMG_0378 IMG_0389 IMG_0401 IMG_0405 IMG_0430 IMG_0521 IMG_0524


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